Thursday, August 1, 2013


Olongapo elevator

Cheridel Alejandrino is her name . She's the elevator girl working for SM Olongapo. This video went viral because of her hilarious and effective portrayal of her job that draws a light feeling among Youtube viewers and also inspiring us Filipinos .


01 Every worker at any level can achieve professionalism.

Anyone can always be  proficient in their respective fields if they will just put their hearts to master what they are doing. Academic degree and  formal training are not alone the requisite to level up job performance . Sometimes its just a matter of common sense and  practical humor.

02 Humor is an effective vector of communication.

 A light happy feeling melts our cognitive and emotional senses to easily digest  messages conveyed to us. Being able to smile while seeing or observing a thing or a person is exhilarating. Humor is contagious, readily absorbed and  easily shared , involuntarily emulated. That's the reason why this clip became viral.

03 There are more than one way to perform a task . 

In this particular job, Cheridel is assigned to orient customers of the mall's sections, welcome them and say gratitudes as they leave . For her, gone are the days of the Jollibee and Mc Donalds generic greeting rituals .  She did it her way, innovating on the guidebook, and came up with something more interesting . Where ideas are free , the possibilities are endless.

04 To Filipinos , rigid English accent is not important anymore.

 As long as your audience catched and understood what you mean, a fluent English accent is just a plus. To some , a pretentious embelishment of point. Clearly , Miss Alejandrino may not have the language facility of an English speaker, but she surprised her patrons with her awesome factor. That gesture let her message sink to her audience, spectators and observers. 

05 A well mastered script is crucial on jobs that require speaking. 

This rule is too obvious yet are always neglected due to over confidence and the Filipino "Bahala Na " trait . Evidently, this elevator clerk knows her memory limits so she did prepare for it.  She prepared her lines over and over again for her to deliver what she's going to say . walang sablay . Alternate impromptu intermissions are injected but still she goes back to her rehearsed lines. Even her tonal phrasing and smile stretching are well planned. This gives her a flowing ambience of goodwill for her customers.

06 Be yourself. Self -confidence is the key. 

Never be afraid to try new things. Be the best of what you're good at.  Be unfazed of the negative criticisms that may come your way . Never be afraid to fail . For Cheridel Alejandrino , she well knows her weakness, so she focused on her strength - her hospitable entertaining skill . And it just came naturally on her, not an effort anymore. Her duty became her daily playshop, and she's compensated not just financially but emotionally as well ,  and with serendipitous benefits

07 Smile always, you'll never know...someone might catch you on camera.

Cheridel Alejandrino did not plan for it . She just kept on doing her job, her way, until one day somebody notices her  smile. So the best lesson we can learn from this  is : 

Love your job and you'll see, working is just like a comedic hosting on an elevator , be a sensation on Youtube , and who knows what's comes next ...Noontime TV guesting  blitz or even Ellen DeGeneres'

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